Sunday, September 21, 2008

Park(ing) Day and the Project Launch

The launch of the Sustaina-Vege Project and Park(ing) Day 08 was a combined event and turned out to be a huge success! Everyone had a great day of lounging around in our 'park' and we managed to feed all of the local posties not to mention most of the nearby shop owners with our free lunchtime barbeque. The packages disappeared throughout the day and by the end of the afternoon I only had two packages left! The survey for week one will be up sometime this evening so that you can all have a look at it and get round to filling it out sometime during the week. The week one survey will be larger than the rest so don't be put off! Hopefully most of you will have planted your seeds already; can you please start thinking about taking some photos of the location of the seeds and sending them through to me via my university email (the address was in the package instructions). Below are some photos of park(ing) on Friday and hopefully I will soon be able to put up some of your plant photos!

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